4 Packing & Storage Tips From Professional Removalists

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4 Packing & Storage Tips From Professional Removalists

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If you are on the go and stressed out due to a pending move, you will surely be worried about all the packing that you need to do. Aside from that, you would also need to worry about the storage of your things under some circumstances. Here are some packing and storage tips straight from the professional removalists.

1. The box size

When you are packing, it is essential that you will use the right size of the box. We all have our bed sheets, comforters, and linens that we need to store. You need to make use of a large box when packing those. For the heavier things, it is best to use small but sturdy boxes.

2. Labels

If you are packing things on your own, we usually make a mistake of not labeling the boxes. It is because we think that since it is our things and we are the one who packed it, we will remember which box is which. The truth is we won’t. It wouldn’t take too much time to get a pen and write a label on it like how do the professional movers do.

3. Priority

When we pack our stuff, there are things that we put into boxes that can easily break. Have you ever wondered why your stuff is still in one piece if a professional mover does the packing and delivery? It’s because they never forget to add a note which ones are the fragile boxes.

4. Sealing

Once you have placed your things inside the boxes, don’t forget to seal it using some packaging tapes. It is the best thing that you can do if you don’t want any of your stuff just falling out of place. Aside from that, you must make sure that you will only put the things that will fit. If the box is flat, stacking it to the truck will not be an issue.

These are the four tips coming from the professional mover that you should follow if you want to pack like a pro. For more information on specific suburbs of melbourne, such as the eastern suburbs, where lots of homeowners are buying and moving into.